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Parent Testimonials

Because We Love What We Do...

When my daughters were 10 months old and 2 years old, we needed to find daycare/preschool in North Natomas.  We looked at more than 5 in-home daycare/preschools in the area and also looked at the bigger preschools.  Ms. Wendi's was by far the best we looked at and we are incredibly happy that we chose to send our girls here.  Now, 2 years later, the girls love going to Ms. Wendi's and have a great group of friends. My 4 year old has been kindergarten ready for over a year and is now doing things well beyond the kindergarten level.  My other daughter who is not even 3, knows how to spell and write her name, knows her alphabet, can count and color nice and neatly.  Ms. Wendi was also instrumental in potty training for both of them and when people asked me how they got potty trained so quickly, I have to give most of the credit to the great environment at Ms. Wendi's.  You get the all the benefits of an in-home daycare along with the exceptional education of preschool.

~Jill Y.



Our son attended Ms. Wendi's Preschool Childcare from ages 2 to 8. Wendi is very caring and nurturing. She potty-trained our son and even got him to stop sucking his thumb! Her preschool program taught him how to write his name and, as a result, he began kindergarten well ahead of most of his peers. Throughout his first four years of school, Wendi has picked up my son and took care of him until we were able to pick him up. One of my favorite memories of our time at Ms. Wendi's Preschool Childcare was the overwhelming love and support she gave our son when he graduated from preschool. Wendi held a graduation ceremony for him, got a cake for him, and even had graduation pictures taken of him! We are thankful for Wendi and her team and they will always be part of our family!

~Reichel, Jason & Maxwell E.



I highly recommend Ms. Wendi's Daycare for a loving, reliable and truly dedicated childcare provider. My two daughters have been in her care for over 3 yrs. They first began with her at ages 5 months and 2 1/2 years old. We definitely consider Wendi a part of our family. She prepared our oldest for kindergarten, she learned her sight words, math and science. Our second daughter began to practice writing, learning letters, numbers and much more at 2 yrs old and now at the age of 3 is on the path to surpass kindergarten readiness. Wendi has given our girls so much love. They looked forward to going to her house every day. We are thankful for her kind heart. Our immediate family is out of town and there have been times we were stuck in a bind and she was right there with no hesitation. We recently moved and unfortunately the girls can no longer attend Ms. Wendi's full time. We miss her dearly but know she will forever be a part of our lives.

~Kim & Derrick L.



When you look for care for your children, you hope for someone clean, nurturing, organized, and experienced. Wendi hit every single criteria I had. My daughter and I were lucky enough to get into her home care preschool when my daughter was only 1, she stayed until she was 5. Ms. Wendi had her so ready for K and then helped direct us so that we could have her tested and brought into K 1 year earlier (her bday misses the cut off).  Today, in 3rd grade, those lasting impressions of learning are still positively impacting her academics. If you're gonna choose a home childcare in Natomas, this is where you need to be. Beautiful home, well structured planning, and communicates with her parents wonderfully. Thanks Ms. Wendi for helping Maleah all of those years.

~Reita A.



My son started going to Ms.Wendi when he was 2 years old!! By the time he was ready to go to kindergarten, he already knew his alphabets, how to write his full name, adding/subtracting, beginning multiplication, and learning sign language! She is highly dedicated to the children in her care and providing them with a safe and fun learning environment. Her passion goes on even after they graduate from her care!  She truly is an amazing provider and is highly recommended!!

~Misty H.

If you're looking for a private, clean, and exceptional educational environment, you've picked the right place!  I've known Ms. Wendi for many years before having my first child, and the person I knew then is the same person I know now.  She has an amazing level of patience, sincerity, and creativity to her style of teaching, nurturing and discipline.  My daughter started going to Ms. Wendi when she was 6 months old and I've been so impressed with the advanced stages of her development that has been groomed at Ms. Wendi's preschool.  Within a few months, my daughter was singing, motioning, and responding to her name.  Ms. Wendi is also very helpful with parenting strategies such as offering good tips for teething pain, tantrums, transitioning to solid foods, weaning from the bottle and signing.   I'm most appreciative of Ms. Wendi's business style -- she is very professional and appropriate when discussing matters of payment and billing.  I have a sense of peace and appreciation while my daughter is in Ms. Wendi's care and that alone is worth shouting from the rooftops! :)

~Melinda M.



I'm so happy my daughter attended Ms. Wendi's preschool. My daughter is now a second grader. She attended ms Wendi's very young actually, she was still in diapers. The staff is very caring, they are always Sanitizing the place because of germs.  Kids are Fed three times a day. Ms. Wendi is very attentive when it comes to the kids they also learn sign language. My daughter was also potty trained there after having a pretty hard time at home. I also like the fact the kids have a graduation ceremony before going to kindergarten. I highly recommend this school.

~Peguy V.



Ms. Wendi is a great childcare center and I would (and have) recommended her services to anyone in need of care for their children. My son has been going to Ms. Wendi's for after school and off-track care for the past two years.  He looks forward to going to Ms. Wendi's because, in his words, "she has great food and I get to play with my friends".  When you walk into Ms. Wendi's you will instantly forget that this is an in-home daycare due to the decorations and children's work that line the walls.  Ms. Wendi and her staff make sure that the kids have plenty of educational time and craft projects that help them learn about seasons and holidays.  Ms. Wendi and her staff are caring and attentive to the children in care.  From recognizing each child's birthday to the end of the year graduation and party, you can tell that there is a true love for what they do.  I know it is hard to find someone that you are comfortable leaving your child with because no one will care for them like you will as a parent but, I am happy to have found Ms. Wendi and her staff because they are the next best thing to my care as a parent.

~Tiffany G.



I absolutely love this Preschool. My daughter started here at 2 years old and didn't stop going until she felt she was to old for a childcare. She learned different languages, they were very helpful with potty training and helping with basic life skills( tying shoes etc) they also helped with homework. Your child's accomplishments are a big deal to them and they celebrate and encourage your children like they are family. If you're looking for a great daycare I recommend them as your first choice!!!

~Sham S.



I have seen my children grow and develop under your care and I want to express how grateful we are for all you've done to help Avery and Caleb become the amazing kids they are. Thank you SO much for caring for our children for over 5 years. We will miss you for sure! All the best.

~Amber & Chris M.



My son has been at Ms. Wendi's since he was a year old. He is now 6 years old and in 1st Grade and goes there after school. She provides healthy breakfast and lunch and snacks in between for the kids! I am very confident in leaving my son there for child care and feel that she cares for my son, in the same way, I would care for him. She definitely has been a blessing to us.

~Janeen D.

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